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Thought Leadership in Risk Management

A compendium of JRMFI published editorials, commentary and book reviews authored by FIG principals. Copyright permission courtesy Henry Stewart Publications

2008 Vol 2, 1 Editorial: The financial crisis and operational risk management: Unfinished business - page 3
2011 Vol 4, 2 Commentary: Central counterparties – New uses for a century-old market mechanism - page 6
2011 Vol 5, 1 Book review: Report on Trading of OTC Derivatives of the Technical Committee of the International Organization of Securities Commissions - page 11
2012 Vol 5, 3 Guest Editorial: Special Issue - Systemic Connectedness: Measuring and managing Counterparty Risk (co-editors: Eduardo Canabarro, Til Schuermann, Eliza Hammel) - page 15
2012 Vol 5, 3 Book review: The Devil’s Derivatives - page 18
2013 Vol 6, 1 Opinion: Basel Committee’s fundamental review of the trading book: a commentary (co-authors: Kiran J. Fernandes, J. Steven Toms) - page 20
2013 Vol 6, 1 Book review: Governance Reimagined - page 23
2013 Vol 6, 2 Book Review: Bull by the Horns - page 24
2014 Vol 7, 3 Book review: Strategic Innovations in Risk Management - Compliance 1, Innovation 0 - page 26
2015 Vol 8, 2 Book Review: Risk Culture and Effective Risk Governance - page 28
2015 Vol 8, 2 Editorial: The FSB, BCBS and SIFIs: Partnership required - page 31

Financial InterGroup and the Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions are pleased to make available this compendium of JRMFI published editorials, commentary and book reviews authored by FIG principles. The JRMFI is a quarterly professional journal aimed directly at senior risk management professionals within the banking sector, companies providing a service to the financial sector, governments and academics throughout the world with an interest in financial risk management.  The journal publishes briefings, discussion, applied research, case studies, comment and analysis on five inter-related areas of risk: strategic, financial, operational, regulatory and systemic.  For more information on the journal or to subscribe please visit:

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