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Global LEI initiative - a decade in the making, progress and prospects in 2020

Comments on the FSB's Recent Report on the Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) initiative

The Age of Fintech New York City Is Uniquely Positioned at the Crossroads of Finance and Technology

Can a globally endorsed business entity code be the answer to risk data aggregation?

FIG's summary of, and comments on industry responses to the FSB's Thematic Review of the LEI

FIG Response to IOSCO/CPMI on governance arrangements for critical OTC derivatives data elements (CDEs) - Sept. 27, 2018

Financial Stability Board - FIG response to review of legal entity identifier (LEI) initiative - September 21, 2018

American Banker - Banking could use more leaders with STEM skills - July 9, 2018

CFTC Leads on Blockchain Innovation

Derivatives Innovation Focuses on Blockchain Technologies

Fintech and Regtech Need Datatech

Data Reporting Deadlines: Proceed with Caution

What's Really Holding Back Blockchain in Financial Services

The Global Legal Entity Identifier - Hurry Up But Go Slowly

Derivatives Data Reporting – The Lynchpin of a Far Greater Objective

A Return to Glass-Steagall? I don't Think So

Overcome Complexity with a Revolutionary Way to Measure Risk

What Trump Can Do to Fix Regulators' Data Flaws

FIG's letter to President-elect Trump on 'Core Data Issues of Financial Reform'

FIG's Comments on COSO's Exposure Draft 'Enterprise Risk Management - Aligning Risk with Strategy and Performance'

FIG's Comments on ROC's consultation: 'Collecting Data on Direct and Ultimate Parents of Legal Entities in the Global LEI System (GLEIS)'

Progress on the Legal Entity Identifier

Risk Accounting and Economic Profit

Welcome to 'Risk Accounting'

Fintech Disruption: The Changing Role of Regulators

Risk Aggregation and the Barcodes of Finance

BCBS 239, Heightened Standards and Operational Risk

Fixing the Infrastructure of Finance

Battle for Future of Data ID Standards Hots Up

The Global Risk Regime - New Roles for Auditors

The Road to Improving Risk Culture

CFO Challenge to Accountants - Incorporate Risk into Accounting Rules

BCBS 239: Is Spending $8 Billion on IT the Answer

The UPI, the LEI and Beyond

TBTF and the Futility of the Living Will


Fixing the Market in a Post-Flash Boys World

The HFT Uproar - What Went Wrong and How to Fix It

Regulators Blink on Regulatory Reform - Industry Leadership Required

Modern Banking is a Global Enterprise

How Can the Financial Industry Improve Its Approach to Risk Management

Fixing the Reference Data Problem

Derivatives Reform Hits a Technology Roadblock

We Need a Systemic Risk Overseer

Unintended Consequences - The Common Denominator in Health Care and Financial Reform

In the Weeds on the Rocky Road to an Electronic OTC Market

CFTC Rushes, Bungles Swap Market Reform; Industry Plays Along

Finding the Trigger of the Next Collapse

FAQs About the Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) System (GLEIS)

CFTC's Amends Rules to Identify Global Participants in Swaps Markets

A 'Boundless Informant' for Financial System Could End TBTF

SDRs - A Modern Fairy Tale

Outdated Thinking Undermines Grand Risk Management Experiment

Technology and the Politics of Swaps Data Repository Issues

Financial LEIs - Required to Reduce Operational Risk

How to Risk Adjust the Culture of Global Finance

The New World of Risk Mitigating Technology Tools

Oh Where, Oh Where Has the Wall Street Partnership Gone

Financial InterGroup's Global Identification LEI Paper

Derailing the NYSE and Deutsche Boerse Merger

CEOs Should Take the First Steps on Financial Reform

Legacy Main Street Solution Proposed for Wall Street

Risk Accounting - A New Dawn for Accountants

Basel III Financial Reporting - Restated Accounting

GM IPO - A Missed Opportunity for Market Structure Reform

Is Risk Management an Oxymoron

Reengineering Financial Services

The Marvel of Metrics

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